July 7


When it comes to copywriting, it is best to fully understand the context of project that needs to be done. Some of the common questions a copywriter might have:

  1. What is the direction needed for the copywriting job?
  2. What is the tone of write-up needed by client?
  3. Are there any special information client wishes to include for the copywriting job?
  4. Will there be external interviews required for the copywriting job?
  5. Will the materials be given by client or is self/additional research needed from copywriter?


Understanding in depth the answers to these questions can greatly help the copywriter work towards a more comprehensive write-up. In addition, it also assists the copywriter greatly to set aside extra time for additional self-research if need be which ultimately confirms final dateline for the project. In ensuring the project goes on smoothly, it is crucial that both the client and copywriter understand the expectations and quality level of the copywriting request.

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